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Friday, February 27, 2009

26" still suck.

Cedarville night ride.
Beautiful day, got up in the mid 50s, maybe 60.
I was going to wear shorts but I left them home. Bam, first sign of impending doom.
We had 8 guys show up. Real good turnout for Cedarville.
I'm riding the fully rigid 26" again although I did put on the clipless pedals.
A 3rd of the way thru the ride we come up on a good sized log that I'd bragged to Paul the week before that I'd do it if I had clipless.
Well I had clipless tonight.
I head at it full speed, pull the front wheel up and bury the chainring into the log.
Bloop. Over the bars I go.
Get up and am going to try it again than my comrades point out to me that the chain ring is totally bent in.
Yep, they're right. I can't evan spin the cranks.
So while I'm fixing it my phone rings. This must be were Karma kicks in for me.
I can't find it in any of my pockets but can hear it ringing.
It had fallen out during the fall and was laying in the leaves.
Talk about some good timing.

Later I'm taking a hard turn at a good clip and something grabs my pedals.
I go hard and land on my knee. It hurts this time. Ow.
So I'm shaking off the pain and we're waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.
5 minutes and no group. Shit.
We back track and find the group.
Barry had a crash and they think he's broken his collarbone.
I get a couple of us out to the fireroad and we bust ass back to get a vehicle to pick Barry up.
Doc took a look and it and didn't think it was broke, but still said Barry should go get it checked out.
We'll it was broke. Barrys out for atleast 5 weeks.
Kinda puts a damper on my wanting to lead rides.


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DaveG said...

Woah! That sucks. Just goes to show you that you can bust yourself up anywhere.