Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

26" sucks.

My trusty Redline 29er is in pieces on the garage floor.
Way too many things wrong and/or broke with it to list here.
I wanted to ride Tuesday night.
So, either take the road bike out to Rosaryville, or pull my bike off of the trainer.
THIS was taking a HUGE chance. For the last year or more
-it hasn't seen the light of day
-hasn't been shifted from the big ring
-has only had the 3 small cogs on the back used.
-the front shock is completely frozen. Basically its a full rigid.

I changed out the smooth tire on the back for the old dry rotted knobby that was on it last.
Fought with the front derailer until I could finally shift into the middle ring. No small ring though, that was asking a little too much.
Lubed the chain and bang I'm ready to ride.

I met with Paul and Steve for the weekly Rosaryville night ride.
During the first 3 miles I noticed that the 26"er did take turns a little quicker.
I actually started to think that maybe I shouldn't have dismissed the small tires from my next bike purchase.
Than we hit the roots and technical sections.
This POS........
I was stalling on small roots that I normally just coast over.
The fast rutted/rooted descents felt like I was risking my life. The slightest little bump and the bike would be thrown from its line.
I don't think I was ever so ready for a normal ride to be over with.

There were other things that I was doing differently, no thudbuster seatpost, flat pedals, and rigid fork, but evan with those I still think the ride wouldn't have gone much better.

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