Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm now officially, one of "those" idiots.

Drove over to Rosaryville for a 9:30 ride with Barry and the guys.
Got there with my standard 1 minute to spare at 9:29.
Jumped outta the truck grabbing my bottle and jacket, yelling to the guys that I'd be ready in minute.
Reached into the bed to grab the bike.... its not there.
I left it home.
Many, and I mean many expletives followed from me which were followed by many "blond" jokes from the guys.
I can evan remember throwing it into the truck before leaving the house.

It was too nice of a day not to ride so I went back home and got the bike, went back and rode by myself. It was for the good anyways. My legs were dead.
Did my lap ( including interior) and went home.

Did you see the calendar.
200 day till the race.



ChrisJ said...

I left my shoes at home one time after we drove an hour to ride. Was wearing flip flops.

DaveG said...

I've done stuff like that numerous times. I once did a ride @ Fountainhead in flip flops on clipless pedals. It was not fun.
I've also forgotten to pack my front wheel/helmet etc.

It's a common occurrence for me.