Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fuck'n low lifes.

Let me warn ya.
I'm in a bad mood.
It was 70 today, I get home and the furnace decided it would be a good day to break and run all day long in heat mode.

WTF is it with people and the stimulus.
I've held my tongue until now but fuck it.
I hate all you freak'n democrats, and you damned tree hugging bicyclists who thinks the world owes you cause your so freak'n GREEN. Ooh, I ride my bike to work.
Its a damned bike. Ride it, enjoy, but stop trying to change the world cause you pedal.

What bought all this on.
An e-mail I recieved from the Oxon Hill Bicycle fowarded from WABA.
They want us to email or contact our government representatives so we (bicyclists) can get our cut of the economic stimulus package.
This is why the fuck'n package isn't going to work .
Every special interest group in the country thinks this is their chance to get money for own little project.
Get it through your fuck'n heads. The package is to strictly stimulate the economy.
Not a chance for you to sneak your little project into the funding.

Lets see how important the funding for your bike lane is when your in the unemployment line.

And while I'm venting, I didn't want Obama to win.
You think things are really going to change .


ChrisJ said...


Change my ass.

Crashmore said...

Nice to see I'm not the only mountain biker who feels this way.


Tom said...

There are more out there than let on.
We're just the silent minority.

Anonymous said...

You guys are not the only ones that feel this way in the MTB scene.

Silent majority, unfortunately this is the case. I think too many conservatives are too busy, sadly, with little league sports and the like to get involved politically. But they will regret it.

So what WABA partakes in also bothers me; blind partisanship.

Some characters on the MORE Internet site also bother me. They get away with politics and then state "No Politics!!!!"

Obama is clueless and quite frankly doesn't give a sh*t. His and his team are not ready for prime time or for being decent.

He will push East German politics until his short term is finished in 4 years.

Hopefully a conservative leadership, which doesn't exist now, will someday in an Executive form will quickly and promptly undo all that Obambi has done.

What are Obama's college grades, I don't know they are hidden. I bet Bush had better grades.