Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm going to be huge.

I finally fixed the butterfly attachment on my weightlifting setup.
Its one of these homeowner versions that I inherited from an uncle of mine.
Exercise equipment has got to be one of the biggest "hand me downs" ever made.
Who hasn't inherited some piece of exercise equip that a over enthusiastic relative or friend bought while hung over on New Years Day.
I'm proud to say all my equipment ends up in 1 place. The trash.
I tear that shit up.
One day when I'm old and too out of shape to use it, I'll have the money to buy the good stuff.
THEN I can hand it down.

My weightlifting workouts have started getting longer and longer.
I'm back into the swing of it and am enjoying it.
I'm fighting this constant guilt though.
I'll alternate nights that I bike (lately on the trainer) or lift.
On nights that I lift, I feel guilty cause I'm not on the bike.
Same on bike nights.
I tried doing both 1 night.
The intensity wasn't there though.


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