Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Arlington road ride.

This weather is going to kill me.
Last Thursday I almost cancelled my night ride at Cedarville cause of the temps.
I don't know what it was when we started but it was a balmy 15 at the finish.
I've never had sweat freeze that quickly onto my skin.
The dropping of the bike shoes and going with the sneakers and heavy socks is working great though. The feet got cold but not numb.

Saturday and Sunday was in the mid 60's.
Aint that the shit.
No riding Saturday but I attended the annual MORE party.
I came in 10th place for total trailwork hours that means I was #10 in line to go to the schwagg table. This was my first time attending the party but I'd heard stories from previous years about the great items you could pick from the table.
Lets just say I was dissapointed with the selection.
Years past there have been complete bikes, frames, forks and other high dollar stuff.
The best thing on the table this year was 1 frame, and I'd never evan heard of the brand.
Oh well. I don't do trailwork for the free stuff.
I ended up with a $75 giftcard from a bike shop. Now if I can just figure out where the shop is at.
Somewhere up near Patapsco?

Sunday I rode with Paul over to Erics apt where we went on a road ride.
It wasn't like my normal relaxing So. Md. rides.
I think Erics training to be a messenger.
A red light to him means slow down before running the intersection.
It was fun though. Alot of short steep hills with stop signs at the bottom of most decents.
We did 23 miles than went to Germantown for the MORE liaison meeting.
This was my first liaison meeting and I'm glad I went.

Health update.
Sorry, I'm still too afraid to step on the scale.

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