Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Earyl spring preview.

Crap that was nice.
Sunday, Feb. 1 and it got up into the 60"s.
Official temperature down in Lexington Park was 63, BUT my high dollar cycle computer with thermometer said 68.
Now who you going to believe?
The weather channel with multi million dollar satellites or Tom with his $35 Trek incite computer.
Remember this is the same equipment that said it was 107 last summer.
Now that I look back I pretty much wasted the day with a 28 mile road ride.
The first half of the ride I fought headwinds the entire time. I was fighting sometimes just to keep up 13 mph.
Now as I see it, I can complain about headwinds more than the avgerage rider.
I'm bigger. Not just tall but wide. Thus, more area to induce drag.
AND, I can't tuck worth a shit. I might as well put flats on the road bike cause I'm hardly ever down in the drops.
All the time I was fighting the headwinds I just kept thinking about the ride on the way back.
And it was nice.
Sometimes I was rolling at 20mph and didn't feel a breeze.
Thats cool when your going the same speed as the wind and it feels like theres no breeze.
Kinda like riding the trainer.....OK, maybe its not that cool.

I've been getting in about 4 hours a week on the trainer and have been hitting the weights pretty regularly. I'm feeling guilty with the weight lifting.
I'm bulking up some. I know if anything its going to make cycling harder but its feels good to be bulky and strong again.

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