Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Post race week.

Since I originally created the blog to help keep track of my SM100 training, it only seems fitting that every post have SOMETHING to do with the race. Evan if it doesn't.

I finally got back on the bike Thursday for my weekly ride with the guys.
Just a 10 mile loop at Rosaryville.
I felt pretty damn good.
Doc led us around the 2nd half and I was able to keep right on his tail.
I love giving him payback for all the times he's ridden my ass.
Everytime I hear or see him go for the brakes, I yell "Get off the brakes"
He's going to wreck once and I'm going to feel like shit.
Until that happens , I'll just have my fun with him.

Sunday was a group roadride.
The local bike group, Oxon Hill Bike Club had they're Indian head 100 ride. Some of the regulars were doing the metric century (63 miles) so I decided WTH. 1 more road ride won't kill me.
The regulars included Chip,Jason, Chips wife (Mel, not sure weather its short for Melissa or Melinda, and Matt who was looking for payback from last year. He only did like 40 last year cause he was sick. Barry was driving a SAG wagon.

Real nice ride. There were 3 rest stops along our route. At the first one, they were cooking up eggs for a egg mcmuffin type sandwich. Talk about a nice stop. Fresh cooked egg sandwiches.

This was the first time I'd really gotten a good look at the clipless cleats that are used for the road.
Whats that all about? Damn things are huge. Do they have to be that big.
I got some good digs in on my buddies. I told them they looked like ducks when they walked.
That came back on me when my shoes strings (I had on sneakers and platform pedals) got caught in the chain on a climb.
Yeah, I had to hear shit.

So, the race is over.
What now?
The group was talking about doing a full century ride in October. Something put on by a local hospital here in So.Maryland. I'm thinking about it. (October=Cool.Cool is good).
It'll be nice not having to feel like I gotta ride all the time.
What I'm really forward too is hitting the weights again.
Put back a few inches of the inches I lost during my summer riding onto the arms and chest.
Re-gain a little former glory.

Maybe I'll start posting stats on how that goes.


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