Just 99 miles to go

Friday, September 05, 2008

Final thoughts, SM100

I spent so much time trying to remember the facts of the race, I hope I didn't leave out too much of the "feel" of the race.

I'm thrilled that I finished but a little dissapointed in my performance.
That climb after aid station 2 just killed me.
I don't mind so much that my climbing slowed down. I was never really good at climbing. What I'm not real happy with was the way that I seemed to lose cooridination for the downhills. I bet I lost at least an hour pussy footing down stuff that wasn't that technical.

Sunday night and Monday I knew I was done with the race and damned happy about it.
Tuesday I started forgetting some of the pain. Was it really that bad?
Wednesday the legs felt almost normal, and I started to remember the race as being fun. I can't explain that. Out of body experience.
Thursday I'm thinking about the stuff I did wrong and ways to do it faster next year.
Yep, I think I'm going to try it again.
I tossed the idea at Judy on Thursday.....
It didn't go over well.
I've got 9 months to sway her.
I know I can bribe her with furniture.


Ps. Did you see the countdown timer?
0:00:00 I don't know weather I should feel happy or sad.


YUEQ said...

Maybe start a countdown for the next year's race?

Tom said...

Nope, too soon to reset.
I want to enjoy looking at this timer at zero knowing that I finished it.