Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 18, 2008

Love that taper!

Another weekend, another decision.
What do I do for training.
I turned to my trusty training schedule that I got from the SM100 training group last year.
2 weeks before the race it says, and I quote, "Sat:Bike/MTb up to 2hrs for fun, Sun: rest and recover."
Finally, I can stop those mind ass numbing centuries on the road and/or getting up early on Sat to drive 100 miles to ride in the mountains.
I hope the guy that made that schedule up really knows something about training.

So just for fun I rode Rosaryville on Saturday.
Woke up when I woke up.
Got to the park in my own sweet time and had no goals on my laps.
Did about 35 miles.
The only note worthy item, I had my first endo in probly 6 months.
Going over a log I've gotten over 50 times before with no problems.
Not sure what happened all I know is that I was going straight over the bars with the bike attached to feet.
I've noticed a rash of injuries happening lately. I've seen a couple notices up on the boards with people trying to get rid of their spots at the race cause they just got injured.
That was almost me.
I'd forgotten how much endos hurt. Thats why I stopped doing them.

I got home and decided to take a look at why I was having problems with the front D.
Its been working fine for the past 2 months but was making weird noises while in the middle ring. I rode all day Saturday in the big ring.
After an hour of screwing with it I still couldn't get it to work right. I rigged it up so it'd stay in the middle ring.
I'm going to order a new front d. Maybe I bent it or something.

Sunday I met the local guys over at Wakefield in Va.
Nice change of pace and a fun ride.

The damn thing with the front d is reminding me of last years race where I was putting a new one on the Friday before I left.

I'm not repeating that fiasco.

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