Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its horse shoe season!!

My afterwork road rides take me into St.Marys county.
No, I don't ride that far. I live right on the Charles/St.Marys border but thanks for giving me that much credit.
I pass by 2 bars/grills that are host to horse shoe competitions.
If your not familar with the sport, think golf for rednecks except there are fewer balls and clubs and more horseshoes. And don't be fooled. There are no horses involved.

Theres nothing like riding by and having 20 rednecks (who by this point have been drinking for an hour) stare at the freak on bike.
So far no snide comments but I no one of these evenings they'll start.
I'll need to find a new route.

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DaveG said...

Hmmmm.... I wonder if you're not getting comments because you're freaking HUGE!