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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Damn de-railer

I mentioned in my last post about the front derailer not shifting correctly.
This really pissed me off more than I let on it the last ranting.
While I can generally change out a new rear-d and have it set up in 15 minutes, I hate the front-ds'.
I've got a SRAM x7 on the front and its a piece of shit.
To hook the cable to it, or to evan adjust the bolt that holds the cable, you need to remove the back tire.
What kind of shitty design is this?
So you remove the tire, loosen the bolt, adjust the cable length, tighten the bolt, install the tire and than you can check to see how it shifts.
Unless you've got a horse shoe shoved up your ass, your going to repeat the procedurce 12 times before your done. And done doesn't mean its right. Done is just what it takes for you to get through the ride you have planned for tomowrow because by this time your fed up with the whole procedurce.

I know, if you read the directions its not that bad. Bullshit.
I'm just hoping I'm having these problems cause I'm setting up a bike that was originally intended to be a single speed.

I ordered some last minute items for the race and one of those was a new SHIMANO xt front D.
I like most of the SRAM line, but not the front d.

Hopefully, it'll be hear in a couple days and I can get it installed and dialed in with a weeks worth of riding to check it out before I head to Stokesville.

11 days and counting.

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