Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 25, 2008

Less than week. Catching a cold?

I don't whats going to happen yet.
A few days ago I noticed a tickling in the throat and my head felt a little stuffed up.
Whatever it is, it's taking its time running its course.
I wanted to do a little ride at Cedarville Friday night.
I went to pull the bike off the truck and the tire was flat. That was enough to send me home wtih the intent of doing a RR. I ended up sitting on the couch watching tv.

Sat. I did 1 lap at the Rose(12 miles). Stopped by the truck, refueled and went out for my 2nd.
A couple hundred feet in I decided to bag it.
I just didn't have any energy.

Sunday I met up with the boys for an easy ride at Cedarville.
I sweeped the whole time.
Not good.

I'm getting a few repairs done anyways.
I got the one job done that I'd been putting off, changing the cleats on the shoes.
The old cleats have been on there atleast a year.
The bolts no longer resembled any type of man made hardware.
Just a reddish brown blob.
After much soaking with rust penentrant and the help of a propane torch I finally got them off,
WITHOUT damaging the shoes.
THAT is a miracle in itself.
I also changed out the front pads and changed the brake fluid.

Only things left to do are change out the shifter housings and replace the bushings on the thudbuster.

The weather forcast also has changed again.
Now its calling for 80 degrees, sunny with only 10% chance of precip.

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