Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 days plus.

Slowly taking care of the bike preparation.
I changed out some bushings on my thudbuster suspension seatpost.
It had developed a real looseness in the 4 pivots points. You could hear it rattling if you near me on a bumpy descent.
It also squeaked like a bitch.
Only thing left is to change out the shifter cables.
Tomowrow night should be good for that as we're supposed to get the remnants of tropical storm Fay.

On the health front....
No hard long rides for the past week and of course what happens?
The scales jumped from 220 up to 226.5
Thats rights ladies and gents, I gained 6 1/2 in a week.
Kinda scary, ain't it?
At that rate, I should be 300lbs by christmas.
Don't worry for me that much. I am 6'3" so 6# gets distributed pretty good.

I'll just keep telling myself that and you lie and tell me I look great.

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