Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 day ,17 hours

I did a lap at the Rose last night.
Its getting that time of year when you never have as much daylight as you thought you would have. I didn't get caught in the dark but it was getting sketchy.
Stopped by Docs house after the ride to get his light that he's letting me borrow for the race.
I thought it was supposed to have a 3 hour burn time but the instructions say 2:15.
I guess in reality I can really expect 2 hours. I'll do a run test tonight to see what I've got to play with. Hopefully I won't evan need it (Wishfull thinking)

I picked up some new shifter cable and housing from the LBS and plan on installing it tonight.
I've got to make sure I get time to do a ride before the race to make sure its right.
Just cause it shifts while in the bike stand doesn't mean its going to shift on the trail.

I bought the new pedals but I think I'm going to save them.
The new cleats I put on did the job. No coming off when I'm not supposed to.
I didn't realize just how much my log hopping skills had suffered cause of the old cleats.
I was taking it easy on pulling the rear up with my feet cause half the time I'd come unclipped.
Last night was great though, I was clearing those logs with no problems.

I've been going over my racing stratedgy for the weekend.
I'd really like to come in under 12 hours. That would be so sweet, but probly not realistic.
I toying with the idea of pushing it harder than normal and just hoping that I can recoup on the easy sections. I'm afraid though that if I push too hard early, I'll start cramping and just throw off my whole day.
That slow and easy I was doing last year got me to CP 5 after the official cutoff.
I'll wait and see what happens at the racers meeting.
There is supposed to be cutoffs now for As's 3 and 4 also which they didn't have in previous years.

AHHHHHHG, 3 days.

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