Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 29, 2008

Less than 48 hours.

2 days and I'll be rolling along on the fireroads and trails around stokesville.
Got a ride in at Rosaryville Thurs with my normal group and I felt great.
The bike has some minor issues with the rear shifting but I should be able to adjust it out tonight.
Wed night I set about changing the shifting cables.
I just couldn't bring myself to touch the front derailer setup.
Damn thing is shifting perfectly and I didn't wanna "open the can of worms".
I'll just save the cable and housing for when it really needs it.

I borrowed docs HID light and did a test run of it in my garage to test the burn time.
I checked the light at 2 hours and it was burning brightly. Checked 15 minutes later and the damn thing had went out.
So thats the way it is with HID.
One minute ya got light , the next your cussing around in the dark.
I'll have my secondary 4AA led light so I'll be OK.
I won't need any lights anyways.

I"ll leave work early Friday.
See if I can get some rear brake pads for the bike (nothing like trying to break in new pads during a race), and pick up a few groceries.

I'm more excited than my kids at Christmas.


David said...

Let's kick some ass.

Here's to breaking 12 hours.

Tom said...

Ok, David who dammit.
Wheres your frigg'n profile.

Thanks for the words anyways.
12 hours or cramp on the side of trail trying!!!!!!

DaveG said...

Good luck! Tear it up out there!


David said...

You know my wife, French Anne, and you saw her at the rose a few weeks ago. She'll be running the kitchen this year and I'll be working on finishing the damn race. =)

I'll buy you a beer tomorrow night.


David said...

Updated the profile btw.

Tom said...

I know now.
I got alot of friends named Dave but couldn't figure which one was doing this. Such as DaveG who got burnt out before the end of the season.
He just didn't wanna go headtohead with Denis.

Cool. Another guy who's returning after a DNF last year.

Seeya out there.

Joe Bagadonuts said...

Tommy hope you rocked it out this weekend! Have been following your plans for retribution for falling out at AS5 last year like I did... My plans for revenge are in 2009 since events leading up to surgery in August 2008 have sidelined me this year. I hope you kicked the crap out of the 100 this year. Sounded like you were prepped for it and it sounded like nothing less than 100 miles in SW VA would suffice!

-BR (one of the guys who crapped out at AS5 in 2007, from SoMD)

gwadzilla said...

I am too tired to read...

but I did want to give you another congratulations

great job out there!


no matter what place or what time
it is the answer to the question

did you finish?

you finished
I finished
it was a tough day on the bike

see you again next year