Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ugg, forced vacation.

We got back friday from our yearly vacation to the beach.
I don't like the beach.
If your not out in the sand and water, your spending money.
I couldn't evan take a bike with me.
I spent 20 minutes the morning before we left trying to tie the road bike to the luggage rack of our explorer.
The end result sucked.
I could just see it getting blown off of the roof and getting smashed by a semi, so a week at the beach with no bike.
This year we did the short mini-week.
Left Monday morning and got back Friday afternoon so atleast no weekend riding had to be sacrificed.

Upon our return I got right back into my training urgency mode.
So I had my choice for Saturday, do loops at the Rose or road ride.
It was supposed to be hot again, low 90's, but I knew the road would be more beneficial.
Hey, I rode 80 miles when it was 97 and it didn't kill me.
I left the house at 8:30 (I had planned for an hour earlier but I like my sleep), and got back at 3:30.
7 stinking hours out riding and 102 miles.
I accomplished my goal.
Not so much concerned with mileage, although a full century was the goal, but more concerned with spending time out on the road.
I took quite a few breaks and never pushed real hard.
I also experimented a little with hydration and cramping.
I stuck to endurolytes this time instead of the "sports legs".
The sports legs always leave my legs feeling dead. Sure they don't cramp but they don't have any power either. So no cramping and the legs felt normal. Well as normal as possible for being off of the bike for a whole week.
That first 5 miles was bitch.
I didn't think I'd make 20 miles at first, but they loosened up.
I also kept straight water in the camelback and had some of that hammer product for long distance riding in the water bottle.
No belly aches this time so now I know better than to mix it with gatorade.
Now I see I can survive without the gatorade, its history.

I've got 3 more weekends of riding before the sm100.
What to do, what to do.
Another road ride next weekend?
I hope something better than that comes up.

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