Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too soon for this much anticipation.

Last weekends ride really fueled the flames.
The last 3 days I'm constantly thinking about that stupid race.
Half the time at work I'm googling "sm100 race reports".
Which brings me to my gripe.
Why are most of the reports from fast guys or real racers?
If you finshed in under 11 hours, I really don't care how you did.
I still respect the hard work you put into your training but your not what I can relate too.
If you don't make AS5 one of your "drops" with lights, I don't care.
I'm suppose to feel sorry for you cause of how tired you were at AS5 when you went by 7 hours into the race.
Here's an idea.

Just fool'n around yall.
Its all good and worth the read.
I just wish more of us weekend warriors would do write ups.


Ps. On the health front, the weights down to a steady 221.
And no, I'm not cutting back any on food. Matter of fact I've been pigging out

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