Just 99 miles to go

Monday, June 02, 2008

You can't make some people happy.

The wife has started bitch'n cause I'm losing too much weight.
Can you believe that.
Its not like I'm anorexic.
Christ I'm still 225, but the shoulders and chest are losing some of the padding they use to have.
Or so she says.
Any of you guys have your wife complain cause your "paunch" is disappearing.
I might go back to the weights a little but I'll be damned if I'm going to try to regain some fat.

Ok, in training news.
I think I burnt myself out.
I wish I could say it was cause I spent 50 hours on the bike it wasn't all that bad.
I think I've trained myself into being able to do 2 pretty hard days on the bike, but I had better rest after that. I don't care how easy I try to go, I need a day off after 2 on.
Nope, not evan an easy spin.
I'll need to work up to it.

Sunday I went for what I hoped was an easy spin at Rosaryville. I'd been on the bike in one way or another for the past 6 days. I was shot.
Luckily, a tornado came through, or got real close to the park on Saturday.
Tore that place up.
The first half of the park got the worst of it.
I don't think we got further than 1/2 mile at any one time before we were off the bikes cutting branches and moving deadfall just so we could get by.
I was so thankful for that.
As much as of an "anorexic bitch" that I am, I can still cut limbs and move trees better than most bikers. I was more than happy to give the legs a rest and put the arms into action.

Once again I have to face the cold hard reality.
I'm never going to be a "biker".
Who cares, as long as I'm having fun.

As soon as I get the damn sm100 outta the way.


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SuePer said...

You are more biker than most bikers I know!

Chill out for a while!