Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm officially entered.

Sent the sm100 registration in.
I'll probly go out on a ride tonight and break something.
I also got my a team finalized for the 12 hours of Cranky monkey and registered for that.
An old riding buddy from way back, when I first started riding, is going to be the 3rd on the team.
Now that I'm officially registered for 2 races I'm getting that feeling.
Now I want to ride.

With that in mind, I got back out with the roadies again last night.
And they just re-affimed that roadies are a bunch of GD liars that cant advertise a ride worth shit.

I'm still tired from the 60 miles I did yesterday, a slow A pace, maybe evan B and we might cut some roads out to shorten the normal 25 mile route.

The truth:
We're going to try to kill the MTB'r who keeps showing up, and if he's still looking strong half way through the ride, we'll evan stretch the ride out for an extra 9 miles, while keeping a straight A pace.

What really kills me is the guy leading the rides is built like a goddamn elf. I'm pretty sure he lives in a tree and bakes cookies for a living.
How can I NOT be faster than him.
Thats OK.
What doesn't kill ya........
I'm just getting there. I haven't built up that roadie stamina yet. Christ, I was evan using flats.
Give me a few weeks and let me put the clipless on.
He better laugh while he can.

If he ever shows up for a MTB ride he is going to pay so badly.


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