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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 3 girls.

For the first time, and probly the only time I got the wife and my 2 daughters out to Cedarville where we had a family ride.

Thanks to my buddy Randy and his wife we actually had enough bikes for everyone to ride.
Randys wife got upgraded to a new aluminum MTB with disc brakes and one that fit her right. Being short on space, they gave me her old one. Can't remember the size but its pretty small, so either the wife (5'2") or my 11 year old can ride it. I'm pretty sure she's going to take after mommy (vertically challenged) so she might be riding that bike for a long time.

My eldest, who's going to take after me (long arms and legs) got her mothers hybrid.
My youngest got shafted on this ride. She was stuck with a wallyworld bike that, regardless of my numerous adjustments kept ghost shifting up and isn't the easiest thing to shift in the first place.

They all did pretty good.
People ask me why I don't get the wife out more. We'll she did do better out there than I thought but she still needs a little attitude adjustment. They were lagging behind at 1 point so I went back to see what the hold up was. The wife was wiping some mud off her legs with napkins that she had bought along. I tried to explain, we clean up afterwards.
She put it in perspective though. " It was dripping down my leg"!

I can't argue with that!

I'm still kicking myself though. No photos. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

vertically challenged, my butt.