Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Running really does suck.

Once again, another post that show what happens when I have too much time on my hands.
With the cross training in mind.....
I wanted to see how it would feel to run/jog.
To give you some perspective first, I don't run or jog anymore.
I don't think I've tried to jog since I finished the rehab for my ACL repair 3 years ago.
So to test it out I ran around my house........5 times.
I know what your thinking,"whoa, take it easy there big boy."
Lap 1.
I believe I heard the knees shout out in horror "What the hell are you doing".
The lungs immediately went into survival mode and started sucking air like I was doing a hill
repeats on the bike.
The pulse , I believe spiked up to 350 bmp.
The wife ran out the front door panicked,wanting to know what was wrong? Why was I running around the house?
Lap 2
The pulse slowed a little, my heart might of stopped, I'm not real sure which.
The knees started to cooperate, and actually started to loosen up a little.
The heart restarted and came down to a reasonable level.
Lap 4
I started to feel cocky. I started making the "loop" a little bigger. Now hugging the perimeter of my yard.
Lap 5
Started to remember why I used to jog. Than felt really stupid for running in circles around my house.

In conclusion,
I think I will try to start running again. Just a little.
Maybe start with a mile at Cedarville after a ride and see how it goes.

I still don't understand how just a few minutes of running seems to work the system so much harder than biking.

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