Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cross training for the SM100

I got out to Rosaryville last night.
Damn the weather was nasty.
Temperature and humidity up in the 90's.
Did my first lap.
Walked over some of the blowdowns, no big deal.

2nd lap, I meet doc at the trailhead.
I take off with him but get a pinchflat 3/4 of a mile in.
(We've really gotta fix that piece of concrete at the bottom of the sewer line hill).
If you've read the previous post, you know I'm not carrying anything to fix it with.
Although doc offered up some co2, I knew it was pinchflat and it would be a waste, so I bid goodbye to Doc and walk back with the bike.

I start to get a rush of memories from last years SM100. More exactly, the singletrack climb between AS 3 and 4. This was the 4 mile climb where I walked more than half of it with no water.
Yeah, good times!

During the walk back I couldn't believe how shitty I felt just by pushing the bike back.
(Just like the 100).

So my next biggest brightest idea.
Hike the Rose loop while pushing the bike.
I believe a key to the success of this plan is to make sure I've only got 2lbs of air in the tires.
This will work in 2 ways.
1. Added rolling resistance.
2. It'll make sure I won't cheat and hop on the bike when i realize just how stupid of an idea it really is.

THis probly ranks up there with last years great idea; ditch the riding lawnmower for the summer and use the push.
I'm still using this training procedure.
Damn I'm stupid.



Joe Bagadonuts said...

Keep working towards the SM100. I think you're going along great and if you can ride with the same resolve you had last year -- making it to aid station 4 with a jacked/hardly functional front brake for 90% of the miles is a damn lot of resolve, you would have finished if that front brake worked, and probably every other rider would have bailed when the brake went out to lunch -- you'll finish this year.

I'm out this year unfortunately because of upcoming kidney surgery for some nagging issues that have been sidelining me. I was hoping I'd make it back this year to avenge my lackluster singlespeed performance and bail at aid station 4 from last year, but such is not the case. I'll have to wait 'til '09 for my chance.

Keep it up, keep it real!
The other SoMD guy that bailed at 4 last year, but because I wussed out.

Tom said...

It was AS5. Don't screw me outta that 18 miles.

Man that sucks about the kidneys.
I was out 2 years ago for the knee.
You'll get over this and be back.

It was nice seeing a familar face at that AS too. Too bad it couldn't have been under better circumstances.

Joe Bagadonuts said...

D'oh you're right! It was aid station 5! My bad.