Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I shouldn't be left to train on my own.

Damn it was hot.
The above pict show milage and the temperature.
Its not 100% accurate but you get the idea.
It actually got up 104 for a while.

I freaked out a little cause I was looking at a training schedule that the SM100 training group had put out last year. I should be doing 4-5 hours rides once a week, ramping those up to 6 hours in a few weeks.
So I woke up Saturday with a sense of urgency.
Choices, laps at the rose or hit the road.
The road sounded easier.
If I left quickly I might be able to get 4 hours in and be back before the heat they were calling for really hit.

As you can see from the pict, I didn't beat the heat.
I pushed out farther than I actually intended and by the time I started to feel really crappy, I was still 30 miles from home.
With 25 miles till home I started cramping and didn't feel like drinking.
This was starting to get serious.
I kept contemplating calling the wife to come get me but I couldn't do it.
Whats that saying "Pride goeth before the fall"?
I'd end up as roadkill before I called for help cause I was "hot and cramping".
I evan thought about finding a shady spot and resting till the sun moved down a little.

I just ended up pushing home.
I have never been so happy to pull into my driveway.

I'm never going on another road ride when they're calling for temps above 90.
Just plain stupid.


Jim said...

Sounds like last year! :) Wish I could say I was panicking also, instead I'm sitting around the pool drinking a beer. Maybe next year if the knee allows... Good luck w/ the SM100!

Tom said...

As I pass CP4 and keep humping up the mountain I'll be thinking of ya.
Tough break with the knee.