Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 19, 2008


I think I'm sick.
Maybe thats the reason for the last post.
I should've know something was up saturday.
Rather than go for a long ride like I wanted, I........ you ready for this?
Cut the grass.
Cut the grass than sat around staring at my nice lawn.
Ok, it still looks like shit but now its all the same height.

Sunday I did drag my ass out to a trailwork day at Rosaryville but had no energy.
Shoveling dirt for the day in a drizzling rain. I'm sure that helped matters.

One of the things we did was try to fix a problem at one of the water crossings.
With the prelude to the great flood from last week ( 9 to 10" depending on whos telling the story), the first water crossing took a helluva beating.
So 6 or 7 of us moved huge hunks of concrete trying to get the flow of water from washing away gravel. I mostly watched. I'm not going to evan pretend to know anything about hyrdodynamics (you like that big word, comes from watching too much science channel).

I'm gettig real close to falling behind where I was at this time last year in terms of training.
102 days till the "A" race.


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