Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm hungry.

No I'm not hungry metaphorically.
......Hungry for the win....... Hungry for the ride.
I'm not that I deep. I don't speak in metaphors.
I'm hungry like I want to eat.

Last weeks rides left me tired, sore and hungry.
I got on the scale sometime last week and it showed 224.
For me, thats anorexic.
My body is fighting back.
It wants to be 10lbs heavier.
I'm eating so much after the rides it worries me.
Evan after I'm full. I'm still hungry.
Do you think that I'm filling up on fruits an vegtables?
Hell no!
Barbequed corn chips.
Love those things.

Let me limp on over to the cabinet and see if I can find any Fritos.



mo said...

Hey Tom,

It's Mo, from waaaay back at Rosie. Glad to see that you're still out there racking up the miles.

Tom said...

Oh no!
Mos back.
I gotta ramp up the training now to give her something good to read.
Oh the pressure. :0