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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trying the roadie thing some more.

Sorry, the last post was unfinished but got posted.
In a nutshell, did some trailwork, and my OHB buddies showed up in force.
Made a good impression for the ranger.

I've gone out on 2 rides with the roadie division of Oxon Hill bike club.
Try to get a little bit of that roadie endurance and spinning done.

2 difference between a roadie ride and a MTB ride.

1. We rode for about 90 minutes. Not 1 goddamn break the entire time.
Try unscrewing and drinking a gatorde while cruising at 20 mph.
From now on, don't forget a water bottle.

2. Mtb'rs like to take off like a shot. I guess something about burning off that initial adrenaline. Don' t worry though. They back it off after the f irst mile though.

Roadies lure you into a false sense of " this is easy, I can do this pace". Then 5 miles in after they've led you through a maze of secondary roads and you don't have a clue as to where the hell your at, they drop the hammer.

You frantically try to keep somebody in sight so you eventually can make it back to the truck, where you smile and lie and tell them what a good time you had.


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Anonymous said...

you are riding with the wrong roadies