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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paybacks a Bi-a-tch.

A couple of weeks ago, Doc (my new nemesis) beat me in a sprint.
It wasn't far and it was on the asphalt.
I couldn't find a good enough excuse.
He beat me fair.

Fast forward to this Saturday. I'm at Rosaryville getting in some stealth training. "Stealth" training is riding that you do without you normal riding group so that they don't see you in a weakened state or how slow you really get after 2 hours. (Show no weakness).

Upon my arrival at the park I see "roadie Sue's" mini-van in the lot. She has also decided to do the same thing (sneaky little shit). Btw, if your going to try this I do reccomend using the spouses vehicle to get to the traihead.

3/4 of the way through my 2nd lap I run into Doc. If you don't remember Doc has been bitten by the racing bug and was also getting in some stealth training. He goes one step further to not get caught though. He rides to the trail from his house. Easy enough to do if you only live a mile away.

He normally only does a lap there. I tell him I'll wait for him and we'll do another lap when he gets back. He gets back and we head out.
Poor, poor, fool.
Docs normal "long" rides are 15 miles at Cedarville.
He isn't used to pushing it for 20 miles like you do at Rosaryville.
By the end he was pushing up the hills and I felt like I had redeemed myself for the weeks previous lost to him.
Revenge is sweet.

Now I just gotta figure out how to put roadie Sue back in her place.
She's getting better technically faster than I'm getting better aroebically.
If I'm not careful, I'm going to get hurt.

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Kenzie said...

Dad, your to uncool to say bi-a-tch. OOOO!!!!!!! :@