Just 99 miles to go

Monday, January 28, 2008

Good ride with the guys.

Had a good ride with the regular group on Sunday at Cedarville.
I've been real lucky to hook up these people. No whiners, nobody too slow or fast, and everybody's got a sense of humor.

The idea was put out by Doc about the group doing the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey. He's got the racing bug and while doing some internet searching he came across the CM site from last year and saw my name on the list of racers with my teams 2nd place finish in the beginners category.

That would be cool to get the group out there in a couple of teams. Only thing is I won't/can't race beginner again. I think I was pushing it last year. I just gotta see who would be up to racing in the sport category with me. Not that it really matters. None of us would podium in the beginner or sport category. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Those guys could be fast enough by June to get a chance at the podium in the beginner category. And although it would be good training, the sound of doing it solo doesn't appeal to me. With no teammate to let down, I'd end up doing 3 laps and quitting.
I think I'm going to get some info on the course down there and try to get a road trip togather sometime in the next month.

On the homefront, I'm steadily putting the miles on the trainer. I hope I don't break it.
So far I've broken a treadmill and an eliptical machine. The trainer is the only piece of home exercise equipment I got left.

Jeez I want spring to get here.


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