Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The trainer ain't all that bad.

I've decided that cold weather riding sucks.
If its a group ride, I'll go out.
But going out by myself simply for the sake of the ride in the winter just bites.
Its too much effort to get ready.
Between cold feet and over heating and than being chilled by sweat its getting harder and harder to get my self to get outta the house if its going to be below 40.

Saturday, I had a choose.
-find and than pack up my all my cold weather gear (winter tights,gloves,jacket,2 layers,toe warmers).
-drive 20 minutes to trail.
-ride around with the top half overheating and the toes numb.
-worry about no water because it might freeze.
-get in a half assed workout.
-drive 20 minutes home.
-put on some shorts
-walk down to the basement
-watch my choice of dvds. (When else can you watch TV without a guilt trip)
-get a good steady workout with actual benefits.

You can tell already that Saturday the trainer won out.
I'm sure I'll tire of it quickly (after I run out of DVDs to watch) but for now the trainer is my saviour.


DaveG said...

Best workout you can do in the shortest amount of time. Keep it up and you'll be killing it by spring.

Anonymous said...