Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I ride with some hard asses.

Got another night ride in at Cedarville. I've been lucky this year. Had to cancel only 1 so far this season. Last year I cancelled atleast 2/3 of them cause of the weather.
I havent' been able to figure out what its been. No matter what type of rain we get the ground just seems to soak it up.

A guy from Barry's work showed up for the ride with a friend for the ride last night.
He stuck in the rear with Barry and company so I wasn't real sure how he was holding up until we stopped a little bit more than half way through the ride for 5 min. rest and pee break.

His head is hanging over the bars and he's telling his buddy he's thinking of taking the road back.
I've seen that look and heard that tone of voice before. He's toast.
Being the responsible leader I'm trying to decide how to handle it. Its really pretty easy to get back by the road but Barry eggs him finish the ride out.
He gives him the "the rest of the trail is easy" line. (Which is bullshit)

Finally we get to a spot where the trialhead is only an 1/4 mile by road or another mile by trail. I ask Bary if he wants to let his buddy bail there.
"Nah, he's this close. He's going to finish"

I made my mind up then.
I'm never going on a ride with Barry on a strange trail, that he knows and I don't.
That SOB would let me die of a heart attack before he let me bail onto the road.
I'm lucky I'm a stronger rider or that bastard would try to kill me on the trail.

It was a real good ride last night. Dave led for a while and he really pulled the pace back. I guess when your fast and you know it you don't worry about proving that you can lead a good pace.
It was starting to hurt him at the end though. Not that he was tired but when your in his shape the pace we were going wasn't really enough to keep him warm.
The down-side to being in really good shape.
I can break sweat just trying to bunny hop a branch.

Just more good times in So. md.

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