Just 99 miles to go

Monday, January 14, 2008

How the mighty have fallen.

I wouldn't build my former self up in my head would I?

Left the house Saturday morning on the road bike with the idea of trying to get in 50 or 60 miles.
Yeah I know, kind of optimistic.
At 20 miles things started hurting.
Damn this is painful.
I started doing the "my ass hurts dance". Shifting every 30 seconds trying to find a better position. Than my shoulder starts throbbing. Ever since a bad crash at the Rose a few months ago its been giving me problems.
I ended up taking some windy ass road with no shoulder home. Down here in the sticks this is the type of road that bikers are always getting ran over on. The only saving grace is its known for having alot of Amish people riding up and down it in wagons so people are a little bit more cautious.

I ended up with 40 miles.
Looking back through the blog this time last year ,atleast I'm ahead of where I was then.

Sunday I did the Cedarville thing with the OHB guys. Nice mellow ride.
I couldn't have pushed it anyways.

Ok, I'll admit it. I was wearing the jeans on Saturdays ride.
I know damned well better than that and maybe I learned my lesson this time. I can get away with that MTBing but the road bike isn't as forgiving.

I think my ass hates me for it.


SuePer said...

What is it with men and their rear-ends today??? It's all about his arse... in the Unholy Rouleur's blog, too... and now this. I am about a click away from ordering those lycra padded shorts in denim print for you.

I bet you are out there in your jeans tonight, right now, in fact. I think you need to go after Levis as a sponsor.

Tom said...

Yes I was!
I think if I can find a way to keep the butt happy I could ride all day.

Anonymous said...

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