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Monday, January 07, 2008

MTBers. We're no better than roadies.

Yes I have a road bike.
Yes I've ridden a century on it.
But unless something dramatic happens I'll always be a MTB'r

Its with a saddened heart that I have to tell you that we are no better than roadies when it comes to the snob/better than you attidtude.

Saturday, I made my way to Rosarvyille.
As I still think tights are gay looking and shorts with leg warmers aren't much better (keep in mind I do own both) I decided to go old school and wear my jeans.
Unless its really cold I do this alot.
I got the same look from the riders I ran across Saturday, that I get from roadies when I have the MTB on the road. You know the look. " What are YOU doing here?"

Ok, this was alot funnier in my head.
Something got lost in translation.
Can you tell my writers are on strike?


SuePer said...

But I bet nothing is better than crushing those delicate, elitist egos… whilst you dust them in your denim.


Anonymous said...


Hey just ran into your blog from Biking Circle blog...

Anyway, with the title of your blog, thought this funny sasquatch on a bike video might be something you'd like to watch: