Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whoh, what happened to December.

Don't let the lack of posts make you think that I'm not riding.
I have been.
The So. Md. night rides have been going strong so far with only 1 having to be cancelled.
The Rosaryville rides have been having a good turnout, while my Cedarville rides, well lets just say I haven't had to ride solo yet. But its been real close.

Had a fun ride last Sunday at the Rose. I woke up to a real light drizzle but despite that my buddy Barry posted up that the ride was a go. With nothing else planned but x-mas shopping later in the day I headed over. I thought only 1 other person would show and we'd cut the ride short but it would kill a little time. I pulled in and ALL the regulars were there. I kept looking at the road while getting ready, worried that Paul (the Rose liason) would pull in just to check things out and yell at me for riding while the trails were wet.

The trails were a little damp, but completely rideable. We slid around on the wet leaves but I left guilt free. Great ride with a great bunch of people.

I know your expecting the post xmas report on what I got.
I finally now have a heart rate monitor. Not sure how much I'll use it or if it will help my training but now I can geek out with the other nerds after rides and proclaim how high my pulse got and how many calories I burned during a ride.

My daughter got me a fun little gizmo. Its a LED light assembly that attaches to the wheel and spells out messages as you ride. Night rides are just for fun anyways, right.
I tried to think of something witty to have it spell out. The best I could come up with right now is "FOLLOW ME". I am the leader.



Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Happy New Year, Tom!

gwadzilla said...

happy new year!

-gorilla zilla

gwadzilla said...


this cold must have Rosaryville at its winter best!

maybe I will see you out there in the next few weeks