Just 99 miles to go

Monday, December 10, 2007

Come on people, give me a break.

Ok, I did put the countdown timer up already but hey, that was for fun.
The first "training" post has already been put up on the MORE forums.
I'm not ready to think about next years season.
Come on people, atleast let me relax through the holidays.
Its harder for us big guys to get motivated to train.

The weekend was more or less a bust.
I've been thinking of going out and hanging with some roadies on weekend rides.
With that in mind I decided to go out for an impromptu ride Saturday afternoon.
25 mile road ride that I used to do in the evenings afterwork during the summer.
Jeez have I fallen outta shape.
I stretched it out to 30 miles but damn I was tired afterwards.
My average also dropped.
Theres a 44 mile ride this weekend I'm thinking of doing.
I could always start with the A group and than fall back with the B's if I can't hang.
I've got to figure out what my problem is.
I start off strong and then its like somebody pulls a plug.

The weather looks like crap for the following week.
I've posted up the Cedarville night ride. I hope we can go.
I can always ride around on the double track and gravel roads for 2 hours.

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