Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Playing with the lights.

I better retract my statement, for the moment on how the new Dinotte compares to my 20w jet Halogen.
I had both out the other evening and the 20w was looking bad. I finally realized the battery was about dead.
What happened. I swear I just charged it.
So I charged it all day yesterday and tried to compare the two last night but it raining and lightening outside. So the side by side comparison will have to wait.

I did leave the Jet running so I could see how good the battery still was.
After 2 hours and 10 minutes on high I "think" it was starting dim.
So the batteries are fine.

The plan for the race is to leave both set of lights at aid station 5, run the new Dinotte on the bars and the Jet on the helmet.
I'll only need both sets if I'm going down from the top of Shenandoah Mt. in the dark.
Just in case I'll drop an extra set of batteries at 6, or I might evan carry the extra set with me.
4 AA's don't take alot of room and I'm still debating on weather using AS3 as 1 one my drops.

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