Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last big shove till race day?

I had thought I was headed down to Wolf Gap Mt. this weekend for some more big hills and rocks. I emailed my buddy Pat on Friday as I hadn't heard from him all week. He made mention of heading back down there at the end of last weeks ride.
I get an email back from his wife. Pats decided that since he probly can't finish the SM100 he headed down for the Wild100. A shorter but probly more technical race.
I knew he was bummed (like alot of the riders) after last weeks pre-ride but shit, to write it off like that?
Whats really got me bummed is that Pat and another guy I know , who are both stronger riders than me, have decided not to do it.
What the hell does that mean for me? Am I stupid to evan think I can finish it.
I guess we'll find out come Labor day.

So I made the last minute decision to just get another road century in on Saturday.
This ride was alot better than my last century.
The temps never got above 84 and the humidity was down.

I did the same route as before. Outta my front door , 50 miles down to Pt. Lookout State Park.
The camelback went dry in the park. Pretty good planning.
I stopped by the park store for some Gatorade like last time.
They were out.
The only uncarbonated drink they had was fruit punch.
So with my choices slim, I filled the camelback 1/3 with water, a bottle of fruit punch, and a half bottle of MT dew code red that I bought on a whim.
You talk about some nasty crap.
Lesson #157 I learned about hydration.
No matter how bad it tastes, when I'm thirsty I'll drink anything and learn to like it pretty quickly.

I had stopped on the side of the road to make some adjustments to my saddle position. Oh yeah, this is the saddle I got out of the bargain bin at my LBS for $15. I tell ya what. So far its the best one yet for the road. My butt felt 100x better than after my last 100m.
Anyways, I'm on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere adjusting the sadddle position and this guy pulls over to make sure everythings ok. I though that was cool as shit.

Total milage- as shown above.
Ride time of 6 hours and change, total time 7 hours and something. (I had a mini picnic in the park).

I felt alot better after this ride. I'm hoping its because of my training although I'm sure the lower tempertures had a little to do with it.

I did have a few problems with cramping although I was pretty good making sure I got dosages close to every hour of Sports legs and endurolytes. I'll probly up the endurolyte intake during the race and try to drink a little more although I thought I was doing real good on liquid intake.


Jim said...

Your doing it. I'm doing it. I don't know how far I'll get, but I'm going to be out there for 12-16 hours if I end up walking the whole damn time!

Tom said...

Anything easy is usually not worth doing...Are you going to drop lights? If you are determined to finish I think it's a good idea to do so. For the average rider (especially if you have to deal with a flat tire or a mechanical) getting to the top of that mountain by 4:20 PM can be a challenge, and not being able to continue on when there's only 25 miles left, a few hours of day light and all that downhill singletrack is a shame. Good luck and stop by or say hello if you see me around. T.

Tom said...

Jim, I can tell. We're going to be passing each other back and forth all day.

Tom, do you mean drop lights at the aid stations? Damn straight!
I'm not an average rider, I'm slow. I just hope I've built the endurance up enough to keep going.
Make sure they save me a few hotdogs at the finish.