Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I wasn't expecting to see this.

The other riders told me its an "emu"

It looked like a genetically mutated ostrich to me.

This thing is hanging out at the rangers station at Cedarville. Its been there a few days atleast so we're pretty sure it escaped from somebody's farm. If you go towards it, it'll walk towards you and make a wierd "thumping" sound that sounds like a drum. 2 or more walk towards it and it walks away.

We found this out when getting a soda outta the machine after the ride. Its got some nasty looking claws so we made trips to the Coke machine in teams.

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MB said...

So, in the last 25 miles of the SM100, just imagine that this guy is chasing you . . .