Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 24, 2007

Its getting closer.

The race date is now on the 10 day long term forcast.
Right now they're calling for sunny and 80 degrees.

I got an hour ride in at Rosaryville last evening.
Although I've got the steel Redline set up and working pretty good I've got to get some miles on it. I had put so many miles in on the Fisher that it felt natural to me. I knew exactly how the bike would react in every situation.
The Redline still feels off.
Like I'm riding somebody elses bike.
It doesn't help with the time I've spent on the road bike too.
The road bike actually doesn't feel that foreign to me anymore.
I'm going to get some laps this weekend just so the bike and me can bond.
No hard pushing and I'm not going out for 6 hours.

I ran into a friend of mine Peter A out there. He did my lap with me.
He's also doing the 100 but he's going SS.
Right now I couldn't evan imagine that.
So we wasted too much time talking about the race next week and ended up coming back on trails that were way too dark.

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