Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Say goodbye to April.

Didn't get much riding in.
Friday I got home at 6:30.
Jumped on the road bike @7:00. Figured I had 1 hour of riding before it got too dark.
30 minutes out on a major highway with rush hour traffic. Not very relaxing.
30 minutes back with waning light. The bright yellow jersey was a good idea.
The last mile mile was on "grooved" pavement. Uhgg. That was horrible.

Saturday, was a work at home day.
First off to Lowes for a new lawnmower.
I purchased my first self propelled walk behind.
Pretty cool.
I can walk around with just 1 hand on the handle. My only complaint is that it seems a little slow on the flat straights. It will pull itself up all the hills so I cant complain too much.
I've gotta put a new head gasket, again, on the riding tractor so this will work until I can order the parts and get that fixed.

Sunday, after putting home hours in on Saturday, I went up to Patapsco for some trailwork.
I've only been there once, on a ride so I kinda wanted to see some more of it.
We did a re-route that got rid of a straight ascent/descent (I guess it depends which way your going). Just looking at it I don't think I could have cleaned it.

3/4" of the day I stayed on the same 25' section of trail.
I was utterly diguested, pissed off, and demoralized.
The task , benchcutting.
At most places 25' of cutting will take 20 minutes, but not this shit.
Normally you take off an inch of top soil to get to the good hard stuff, here we were taking away 6".
You couldn't dig any dirt until you chopped away at roots, and some of them bastards were big, I really wished I had brought my axe with me.
Then once you were getting a groove cutting up roots, you'd hit a rock.
At one time we had 8 people working on this 1 little section.

After we finally finished, the powers in charge had a cookout with beer.
I passed on the beer. I really can't handle alcohol.
Originally I had wanted to ride after the work but I was beat and the knee was screaming for a break.

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