Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I hate when that shit happens.

Let me begin by saying that my riding time is precious.
I'm always thinking a week ahead about where/when I'll ride vs. family and work duties.

I leave work early at 5:30 and get to Rosaryville about 6:00.
If I bust ass I can get 2 laps in, atleast 1-1/2.
The place is crowded for a weekday evening. Evan better, I won't feel so alone out there.

So I'm 1/2 way through the first loop and come up to a pretty big log. Its new out there.
I eyeball it.
I can't make that.
What the hell , I'll atleast try it.
Worst thing happens is I bail halfway up.

I come up on it and chicken out at the last minute.
Front tire smacks into hard. Oh well another day.
I walk over and start to take off and I've got a flat.
Damned pinch flat.

Right away I'm worried. I've got a spare tube but its been in my bag for a LONG time.
All I've got is CO2 too.
I inflate it a little and sure enough its got a hole in it.
Scrounge around and I have 1 patch.
Patch the hole , put it on the bike then go to inflate it all the way.
30 second later tire goes flat.

Long story short, my precious cycling time is spent hiking 2 miles back to trailhead.
The worst part is some guys I know, Steve and Larry passed me while I was still in the midst of the repair, If I had known about the 2nd hole I couldve bummed a tube.

Lets try this again Thursday.


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