Just 99 miles to go

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm ready to give up.

Keeping the last post in mind. (Precious riding time)
Leave for work early to meet a group at Cedarville, something happend and the group didn't show.
I decide to leave, take care of some business in Bowie, and hit Rosaryville on the way home.
Cedarville is getting a little boring.
I get to Rose with about an hour of daylite left, my usual loop is about 50 minutes.
I'm cutting it close but hey, I'm a risk taker.
1/2 mile in , I've got a flat back tire.
Shit, shit , shit!
I waste 10 minutes on that.
OK, new plan. I might have to bail 3/4 way through the loop to the road.
15 minutes later the cell phone rings.
The wife and kids are stranded at soccer practice (which is 5 minutes from Cedarville) and need me to get them.

Thats it.
The rides over.

I've finally figured it out.
I did trailwork last weekend.
TW karma works in reverse for me.
The more I do for the trails, the worst luck I have.
This has been proven by past TW days.
Tomowrow I go out and set fire to some woods.
I oughta be good for the next year.

You thinks I'm paranoid?
I rode a whole year without ever getting a flat on the trail.
Now in 3 days time I get 2.

I don't think so.


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Dan said...

It seems you've quit!?!?