Just 99 miles to go

Friday, May 11, 2007

Had my ass handed to me.

I showed up at Rosaryville on Thursday for an OHB ride
These guys are really just fun loving bike riders. Not hard core like alot of riders I've met.
So far I had been a stronger rider than any of the guys I had met,
Until tonight.

I knew I was in trouble when while talking to the new guy, I noticed he had veins popping out of his calves.

I know, normally its impossible to guage riders by appearance, weather thats personal appearences or by the bike thats being ridden.
But veins popping outta calves?
He had to do something for that to happen.

Sure enough , he was fast.
The bastard played with me most of the night too and I loved it.

He'd take off and I would play hell to catch up, which didn't happen until he decided to let me catch up.

He'd ride along for a couple of minutes at a lower pace and than bam! he was off and I was trying to hold on.

I haven't had that good of a workout in a long time.
Most strong riders will shoot ahead and than stop to wait for ya.
His "rolling rests" were just perfect for recouping without getting too cold.

He did make a comment after the ride about my clicking bottom bracket so I must have been doing a decent job of staying with him.

I'll see yall.

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