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Friday, April 20, 2007

Log practice. Ouch.

I'm 240lbs.
Getting me, seperated from mother earth requires a considerable amount of energy.
So while I'm riding, I usually conserve my energy for actual riding. Usually when I do manage to "get air" the outcome isn't pretty so we go there as little as possible.
I'm amazed watching other riders who can do a real bunny hop over a log.
Be it 4" or 24"
I use the "get the front wheel over, bang up the chain ring,drag the rear wheel over" technique.
Not pretty but it gets the job done.
I found the perfect log at Cedarville last night that I could practice on.
I know what your thinking.
He's lying.
There are no logs at Cedarville.
No , thanks to the recent storm there are a few.
They probly won't be there real long but they're there for now.

My candidate for the perfect practice log was about 12" high.
Small enough were I probly couldn't hurt myself, large enough where I felt manly doing it.
After 4 attempts I finally was getting it.
I didn't feel the "bump" of the rear wheel hitting the log.
I was clearing it.
6 more "perfect" runs and I was feeling good.
I was getting cocky too.
Thats where it went wrong.
I forgot that I had to use ALL my energy to achieve flight.
On the next run the log grabbed the rear tire and sent me over the bars.
Nothing broke on the bike or me but damn it hurt.
More bruises to show the wife.
I rode back to the truck like a whipped dog and went home.


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