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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mrs. Gorilla on a Bike?

The little lady just had a birthday on Saturday.
I don't think I'm allowed to say how old she is so don't ask.

I got her a comfort bike.
Is it a comfort or hybrid?
Are they the same animal?
It's a Trek Navigator WSD.

The unofficial specs
-big cushy seat with a "suspension seat post". I'm not expecting alot out of it.
-front suspension fork, no adjustments or lockout.
-riser bars with an adjustable stem.
-26x1.95 slick tires, smooth for the road , enough meat for a few paths.
-7 speed cassette.

I picked it up Friday afternoon from the LBS.
Initially Chris told me, she being 5'2" would need a 14" frame.
They had this one in stock which was 13.5. The bike only came 13.5 or 16.
So, I just got the one off the floor.

Right away I was worried.
Damn this looks small. It looks like a kids bike.

Saturday before the rains started I gave it to her.
I atleast wanted to see her ride it in the yard.

Right off she acted more excited than I thought she would be.
The seat was at the lowest position. I wanted to raise it up but she said it was fine, I let her ride it.
She rode down the driveway and I could just tell from the way she was pedaling, raise the seat.
She rode up to me, "Can I raise the seat now"? I asked.
She readily agreeded now.
Her first lesson, improper seat height makes for uncomfortable pedalling.

I told her about only changing gears on the cassette while pedaling and not to worry about the other shifter yet. I wanted her to get used to the bike and rear shifting first before confusing her.

A few more time down the driveway and than she gets rather insistant, "but what does the other one (shifter) do?"

I tried explaing but I don't think that was working. So I showed her how to put it in granny gear and told her to ride around the front yard.

I think she liked it.
She actually rode up a small hill we have in the yard.

I might actually be able to get her off of the asphalt when I get her out to Cedarville.

Next post will have some pictures of her on it.
I tried to get one real quick but the camera phone is a little sticky from coffee spillage.


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