Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rosaryville trailwork.

So the quick and dirty.
Rides during the week, the Rose and Cedarville.

Saturday was trailwork at Rosaryville.
I finally got a good look at the new interior loop with all the TTF's that IMBA's been working on.
It is real cool stuff.
This stuff is definately going to make Rosaryville a destination park, a place worth driving to.
I'll tell ya, I'm not real sure how I feel about that.

I'd hate to see Rosarvyille turn into one those parks that get crowded on the weekends with "travelers". I always think about the few times I've been to Schaffer farms. It has been on the weekends but the place was always crowded. You wouldn't go 1/2 mile before you ran into somebody, usually a group. One of the things that attracted me to MTBing partially was the feeling of solitude.
When I do run into somebody at the Rose, its a good chance I know them or have met them before.

We'll see.

In other news,
I want a FS bike ,bad.
I've been doing some serious looking, comparing prices and bikes.
My biggest worry though is finding one that will stand up to my abuse.
I was reminded just last week of the abuse I put a bike through.
I had to get a new chain, cassette, and bottom bracket for the Paragon.
It seems like only 3 or 4 months since I replace the cassette and chain. What I don't like is I don't think the chains wearing out. When I measure it with the 12" rule (a brand new chain should measue 12" exactly from 1 pin to another at a certain position) it comes out dead on.
So it's not like I'm not running a worn out chain.
I went ahead and went up to an xt on the cassette, I'll see if it holds up better.

So the biggest, beefiest, FS 29er I've found so far is the Lenz Behemoth.
I'm waiting to get some reviews, and maybe a test ride first though on a Niner RIP.
Thats my 2nd choice and less expensive.
The Behemoth is advertised as a full on moutain bike, not just cross country.

And as for the SM100.
No I haven't made my mind up yet, but by June 1 I will.

Put your vote in now.
Should a 40+ ,flat-lander clyde with bad knees evan attempt it?
(And a 2 year old aluminum hard tail).



Anonymous said...

You can do it, you may need lights at the end, but you can do it. So do it.

mo said...

agreed. i find that once i make up my mind to do something, the doing it is much easier