Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 28, 2007

Good training ride, the SM100 is a go.

The wife and kids left Friday afternoon for a soccer tournament in Gettysburg.
I knew I'd have Saturday all to myself.
Good day to get in a longer ride.
By the time I went to bed Friday I still hadn't made my mind up weather it was going to be a road ride or just loops at Cedarville or Rosaryville.
I kept thinking about how much my butt hurt from the last road ride, and I kept thinking about how multiple loops at one of the parks could get boring, not to mention I could get more "miles" in on the road. I know , distance shouldn't matter when training but 70 miles (on the road) just sounds better than 40 miles (trail). I do have to get over this.

I woke up late Saturday morning and still hadn't decided what to do.
Walked outside to check the day out.
Damn! What happened.
Overnight it seems to have went from May to the middle of August.
Ok, thats settled. I'm not riding a bike under full sun on hot asphalt in this shit.
Rosaryville it was!

By the time I diddled around and got my stuff togather I didn't get to the trailhead till 11:30.
Good going Einstein, start a long ride in the middle of the day heat.

The plan was to go out with 1 water bottle . A loop is about an hour so re-filling at the trail head on the hour should be good. I was also trying out a new supplement, "Sport Legs". They're supposed to help with cramping. I popped 4 down, the directions said 1 per 50 lbs of body weight. Although I am at 235 right now, I'd wait and see how it went before I went up to 5.

The first 3 laps went fine. Ride a lap, re-fill the bottle, down a GU, drink some iced water from the camelback, and pop 4 more pills.

Halfway through the 4th lap I started getting excited. I felt pretty good. I was going to be able to head out for my 5th lap. Those pills seemed to be doing an excellent job.

I finish the 4th lap and take a good long 10 minute break. I'm reading the directions on the supplements and realize I've been taking too much. I "thought" it said repeat dosage every hour. What it said was repeat every 2-3 hours.
Can you O.D. on supplements?
Is somebody going to find me dead on trail from an overdose of potassium and magnesium?
Thats not how I wanted to end up dying.
Maybe endo off of a cliff or mauled by a bear but not by OTC supplements.

I put it in back of my head and went out for the 5th lap.
2 miles in something happened.
I didn't bonk.
I could still turn the cranks, evan put some power into it but I felt like crap.
I shifted down into the small chainring and never left it.

I started taking small walking breaks.
I wasn't exerting myself hard enough to go anerobic but I was sucking air in like I was time trialing.

There would definately be no 6th lap.

I finally finished the lap up and collasped into the bed of my truck.
Mentally I was on top though.
I had just did 5 laps, about 48 miles of trail at the Rose.

With the rest of the summer to train the SM100 definately looks do-able.

The supplements did an excellent job, get some.
Like I said, evan on the last lap, no cramping and none that evening.



mo said...

Way to go Tommy! Next time I get to Rosie, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the big guy whooshing by me giggling like a schoolgirl hopped up on caffeine.

Tom said...

When doing 5 laps I don't woosh by anyone. The last thing I'm doing is giggling.
By lap 4 its more like "the ride of the dead".