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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial day Rosaryville group ride.

You would have thought that after Saturday I'd have enough of this place but it sounded like what I needed. A casual group ride with people I haven't seen in a while with some time spent on the new obstacles.

I need to comment first about the crowded conditions.
Remember a few posts ago about Rosaryville turning into another Schaffer farms (crowded).
The parking lot was full. I had to park in the grass.
I'll let it go cause of the holiday, I hope it doesn't become the norm.

This was a MORE group ride with alot of familar faces, alot of faces that seemed to recognize me (but damned if I could remember them, sorry).

Nice large group of 10 people.

Pretty standard ride until Austin took us into the new interior loop. Although I've worked on it a few times this was my first time riding.
It was fun.
More fun than I thought it would be.
Although I didn't evan try the skinnys, I did do alot of the stuff I wouldn't normally attempt by myself.
The group mentality kicked in. You see the guy ahead of ya do a technical feature and you don't evan think about weather you can or can't do it.
You just follow and try it.
It worked all but 1 time when I couldn't make it over a big log. I ended up endoing/falling. I did a nice roll out for a recovery though.
Peter was in front of me for awhile and just watching him flow over some the logs was making me better at them. Groups rides maynot be the most effective training tool in terms of time to milage, but they make up for it in pushing yourself to do things you wouldn't normally do.

It was kinda of funny the way the riding order changed up.
On the first half I stayed towards the front of the pack. As soon as we started the technical stuff I scooted towards the rear.
I know my place on the trail .

So I'm excited about this new section. Not only does it add something new and interesting it also adds mileage. It'll help make my marathons out there less painful.


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mo said...

While I had a great time in Carolina, I'm really bummed that I didn't get to the trail. I like the idea of putting screen names and faces together.