Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, March 31, 2007

These people don't know hils.

Second group road ride today.
I stepped up to class B and went 45 miles.
I was "warned" about some hills after the first rest stop.
These people don't know what hills are.
I lost my shyness about being the new guy and just started riding past them on the hills.

I don't get it.
They do fine on flats and can keep a good pace.
Throw an incline at them and they fall apart.
I've never seen speed drop so quickly.
One word people.

I know some roadies who could use some time on a SS on singletrack.

The cue sheet they gave out showed a rest stop at a deli.
Rest stop?
They went in, ordered, than sat at a picnic table eating.
We must of wasted 20 minutes.

Oh well, their club.

I think I've gained enough confidence to step up to the A class.
They'll probly lose me on the flats but I'll get em on hills.

I didn't think roadies used granny gear?

Lesson learned today?
Just cause your shorts and jersey color coordinate with your bike, doesn't mean your fast.


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