Just 99 miles to go

Friday, March 30, 2007

The SSng isn't looking real good.

I changed the 18t back to the original 20t that came on my SS.
I had 1 ride at Cedarville Tuesday, and another at the Rose Thursday.
Wednesday the knee felt like it was going to fall off.
Today its not feeling so bad.

I had the bike doc order me a bunch of items and had him go ahead and order me the rear drop outs with the hanger for my SS.
I'm not saying I've made my mind up but I know the Fisher frame isn't going to last forever and when it finally gives out, the Redline will be my main ride.
My main ride CAN'T be a SS.

I've been having the strangest problem with the Redline though.
The front skewer keeps coming loose.
I'll tighten it down as hard as I can and 20 minutes later I feel it coming loose.
Sounds like I need a new skewer.

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DaveG said...

Just get a shimano QR. Absolutely the best. You won't have any issues with that.